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1. I´m thinking of ________________ to live in Mexico for a year to study Spanish.
2. ________________ children change your life?
3. My brother-in-law is a film-maker. ________________ six films.
4. It´s our first anniversary today - ________________ for a year.
5. The exam was _______________ by 80% of students. 20% failed.
6. Nearly 2,500 people _______________ by sharks every year.
7. Andrew ________________ me that he was ill. He looked OK when I saw him.
8. Sheila works for IBM. She told us she ________________ for Microsoft.
9. What would you say if I ________________ you to marry me? - I´d say yes!
10. If my parents weren´t so old, ________________ a job abroad.
11. What ________________ you doing when he arrived? - I was talking on the phone.
12. Before I left the flat, Jenny _________ already come.
13. Ben doesnt usually ________________ money from his friends.
14. John ________________ an old box when he was painting his house.
15. When are you ________________ your new job? - Next week.
16. Have you _______________ had an accident? - Yes. Last year I fell off my bike.
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